Boost Your Business with Bartercard

Bartercard For Your Business

New Customers

A platform for business owners that gives you the ability to get new leads and do more business

New Market to Buy and Sell

Add your business to the Bartercard ecosystem and buy and sell your products with other members.

Grow Your Business

Gain more leads, sell excess stock at full price, and boost cashflow while preserving cash. Join now!

Bartercard For Your Business

New Customers When You Want Them

Bartercard can promote your business to a new market of customers that you don’t have access to. This can increase your sales and cashflow in your business.

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Do More Business and Increase Your Cashflow

Boost Your Business

Turn surplus inventory into valuable trade dollars, which can be used to procure goods or services within the Bartercard network.

Increase Cashflow

Buy and sell your products and services in Bartercard for their full retail price in Trade Dollars. This keeps more cash in your business to help your growth.

Spend In Bartercard

The Trade Dollars you earn or borrow you can spend in the Bartercard ecosystem on your already existing regular business expenses.

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Googel Reviews

Renee Drew
Renee Drew
It's a great business tool that needs to be worked, in saying that nothing in business is easy and all elements need to be worked. Treat it as the opposite of the cash economy - Cash Economy in Business you really need to work on generating new business as spending cash is the easy part. In a Barter economy they have the customers just need to really work on a spending plan.
Annie Noon
Annie Noon
I have been a Bartercard member for 15 years now and evidently traded over a million dollars during this time . I try to use Bartercard every time I need to buy something for my business or my family .Bartercard really helps me to maintain my lifestyle and I love using my barter dollars. I would recommend it to any business out there looking to bring some more dollars into their World.
Debra Yuille
Debra Yuille
I've been a Bartercard member almost since before I started my first business in 1999. It's been very good to me allowing me to sell more to businesses who would otherwise not have known about me or the services I offer. With that income I've been able to attend trade shows, networking functions and travel interstate to attend a variety of professional development and business expos that would have been beyond me without Bartercard. Just in the last month I've travelled interstate to both Sydney and Melbourne for industry training and paid my Accommodation costs using dollars earnt in the Bartercard trading exchange. I've hired cars, paid for meals, and reduced our current account, (money owed to us) by using merchants who accept Bartercard for services such as Hairdressing. During times when business has been really tough Bartercard kept us going. I'm an Ardent Supporter!!
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