Incorporate Bartercard into Your Payroll

Incentivise Your Staff with Trade Dollars

Many business owners will tell you that one of their biggest challenges is staffing, and finding the right people to stay in the job. So why not do something to set your business apart from the rest and consider incorporating Bartercard?

Bartercard can help you attract the right people for the job and keep them happy with rewards paid for with trade dollars rather than cash. Choose from incentives such as holidays, gift certificates or restaurant vouchers to make your team feel rewarded and appreciated.

Alternatively, you could raise their income with bonuses in trade dollars to spend where they choose. Some employers use Bartercard to give their staff allowances of up to $500 each month to spend where they want – whether it’s restaurants, accommodation or activities. It not only gives them the incentive to stay with the company but they love the spending options.

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