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Save Cash And Pay For Lifestyle Expenses Such As Dining Out And Accommodation.

Typically, business owners will tell you they went into business for two reasons: to run their own show and have the flexibility of a better lifestyle. But the reality is sometimes they work long hours with little or no time for leisure. Owning a business shouldn’t just be about the long hours. At the end of the day, you do it for the lifestyle that comes with being your own boss.

Just like the baker traded with the flour mill, the same concept continues to work for tens of thousands of cardholders within Bartercard today. The extra income that Bartercard attracts can be used to pay for lifestyle expenses such as accommodation, entertainment, restaurants, club memberships, clothing, beauty treatments and home renovations – all without spending cash.

Did you know that Bartercard has direct contact listings, accommodation packages and gift certificate options available at world-class destinations? With hotels, resorts and guest houses across destinations including Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Thailand and Bali, this is one of the many ways to conserve cash and improve your lifestyle with Bartercard

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