Clearing Excess Stock

Sell your stock at full price

Clear Excess Stock with Bartercard

Instead of giving up on unwanted products and writing them off as a loss, promote them to a new marketplace.

Do you have excess stock in New Zealand sitting in your business?

Is your competition coming out with newer products while yours are collecting dust and losing value?

Do you want a higher turnover for your stock?

Rather than heavily discounting, running last-minute deals or writing off surplus stock, you can keep its value by selling it through Bartercard’s ecosystem at its regular selling price!  We provide the tools to sell excess or discontinued stock and liquidate inventory, ensuring you maximise your returns and productivity during slow periods and utilise spare capacity.  Here are just some of the advantages.


Sell your stock at full price


Bartercard is not a discount site, so there’s no need to drop your prices to shift stock.  Members pay the RRP for products and services if they can use their trade dollars instead of cash.  Sell off last season’s stock, floor stock or even short shelf-life stock for its full price to members of the Bartercard network.


Organise bulk sales

Bartercard can introduce you to members who are keen to buy in bulk.  Many are eager to purchase products in large quantities and conserve their cash.  Your Business Development Manager can help identify and contact business members interested in bulk purchases.


Advertise online at no cost


Bartercard MYBC Marketplace, advertising on the website, a promotion in the online newsletter, an email or text campaign – these are some just of the effective ways Bartercard will assist you in moving your stock and reaching thousands of potential customers.  Annual Trade Shows are an excellent platform for meeting new members and selling excess stock.


Spend trade dollars and reach cash customers


The Bartercard ecosystem has hundreds of advertising and media companies, including magazines and radio.  You can promote your goods using your trade dollars; the beauty is that you can conserve your cash while attracting cash-paying customers!

Partner with Bartercard

Whether reducing taxable income or increasing expenditure, the Bartercard ecosystem can connect you with customers and help you shift your excess or idle stock.

Start using Bartercard for FREE!

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