How to use Bartercard as a steppingstone to launch your new business

Are you starting a new business or launching a new part of your existing business? Would an interest-free line of credit help get things rolling?

The rules of business have changed in recent years and continue to do so. It’s essential for new business owners to think outside the square if they want a successful launch, and substantial growth and to keep up with (or overtake) their competition.

When you join the Bartercard business ecosystem, you can apply for an advance on trade dollar sales.  With traditional lending being a challenge today, this advance can help you conserve cash during the all-important start-up phase.

You can use your trade dollars through the Bartercard member network to help with things such as fit-out, to purchase equipment or stock – depending on your type of business.  It could also be put towards marketing or advertising to kick start your business and attract customers in the cash economy.

Here’s how it works

When you become a Bartercard member you can apply for an advance on your trade dollar sales. This advance is subject to trading amounts, equity, and security.  It is offered as a cash-alternative currency that comes without the interest rates of a business bank loan. It’s paid back by selling your products and services through the Bartercard exchange.

Bartercard has confidence in your ability to pay back this advance – in fact, they will support you to grow your business by sending new customers your way and offering free advertising to a global marketplace.

As a Bartercard member, you can also fund the capital growth necessary to grow your business once it’s up and running. Some established business members have applied for a considerable advance on their trade dollar sales – up to T$25,000. They have been able to put this advance on trade dollars sales towards purchasing property, leasing office premises, completing renovations or developing extensive marketing campaigns to grow their business.

In the start-up phase of your business, Bartercard’s advance on trade dollar sales enables you to save your cash by covering some of the essentials. Members have been able to directly fund stationery, printing signage, branded promotional products, computer equipment, website and app development, content creation… and so much more.

Your advance can also be used to launch your business through advertising or marketing to reach cash paying customers. Other start-up businesses invest their advance into seeking support from professionals who can help them plan and map out a path to business success.

Bartercard can help your start-up business to grow

Launching in 1991, Bartercard has become the world’s largest cashless business networking platform.  Whether your new business plans to operate locally or globally, the Bartercard ecosystem can help you reach and attract new customers.

With a wealth of experience and long history of supporting both start-ups and established businesses, Bartercard is the perfect partner to help you build your business.

The simple, flexible trading system converts slow moving stock, downtime, spare capacity, or vacant seats into extra sales for your business. The security and flexibility of using trade dollars, allow you to keep more cash in your business, and that’s always a good thing!

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