Reduce your taxable income by clearing excess stock

The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is looming – time for businesses to get their accounts in order, prepare for stocktake and focus on EOFY sales. If you’re a product-based business, it may also be a great time to clear some of your excess, slow-moving or idle stock.

Just as you want to reduce your taxable income, other businesses need to increase their expenditure at this time of year. The Bartercard member network can connect you with customers and help shift that stock!

Here are five reasons Bartercard is the perfect place to move your excess stock, now and throughout the year.

1. You can sell your stock at full price – no need to discount

When you sell your products through the Bartercard network, you never need to discount. Bartercard members are happy to pay full price for products and services if they can use their trade dollars instead of cash.

You can sell off last season’s stock, damaged stock, floor stock, even outdated stock (where safe) for full price to keen members in the Bartercard network.

2. Bartercard can organise your EOFY Sale

Bartercard can help organise your end of financial year sale and promote it locally or nationally to its members. Your Trade Broker can help you put together an advertising plan to reach members in any area you’re prepared to ship your products.

3. Organise bulk sales to business customers

Bartercard can introduce you to members who are keen to buy in bulk. Many are keen to buy products in large quantities and conserve their cash. Your Trade Broker can help identify and contact business members who may be interested in bulk purchases, not just at tax time, but throughout the year.

4. You can advertise online at no cost to your business

Contact Bartercard to find out the best methods to move your stock such as Marketplace, advertising on the website, a promotion in the online newsletter, an email ‘blast’ to members or a physical or virtual ‘members only’ event.

Most member advertising is at no cost and can reach tens of thousands of potential customers. It’s an effective way to shift your excess stock and remember, Bartercard members are happy to pay full price so there’s no need to discount.

5. Spend your trade dollars and reach cash customers

The Bartercard network has hundreds of advertising and media companies both in Australia and globally, including magazines and radio. You can get your message across using your trade dollars. The beauty is, you can conserve your cash while attracting cash customers!

If you’re planning a large EOFY event, you may even be able to employ the services of marketing professionals through Bartercard to help plan and execute your promotional campaign.

Parter with Bartercard today!

Take advantage of this time of year to clear your stock and give your trade account a boost, while networking with fellow business members. Contact Bartercard to discover how your business can conserve cash, move stock, make significant savings and deductions, and get your finances in order – any time of the year.

Bartercard does not provide financial advice. It is recommended you consult a Chartered Accountant from the Bartercard directory or your own tax specialist before acting on this information.


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