Remote Management: How to Get the Best Out of Your Team

Managing a team of remote workers for the first time can be daunting, and it can be even harder when this situation is prompted by a crisis. Even if you have had a remote working team for some time, now might be the time to take another look at your remote work management style and practices. You may even need to re-think your entire leadership style, to ensure that your approach to managing from home is still an effective means of growing and expanding your business.

In this article, we look at ways to get the best results from your remote team while taking care of your people, including which areas to focus on, as well as some helpful resources you can provide, along with other tips below for a more decisive and efficient way of working.

Focus on Outcomes, Not Activity

If you’re following a lot of the basic management advice out there, you are probably focusing on output over outcomes. Output is the ‘what’, the actions and activities you do, whereas outcomes are the ‘why’, the reason you do those activities.

However, it is now apparent that outcomes, not output, is a more effective objective for increasing engagement and empowering employees. Clearly define your team’s goals and desired results, then allow your employees to develop a plan whereby they work towards producing the best result possible. This gels well with remote work because each member of your staff will have a different work environment when working remotely, and the process by which they all achieve your desired outcomes will be justifiably different.

Communication is Paramount

Remote work management becomes more efficient and satisfying when you set expectations for the frequency and channels by which your team communicates. Communication is a pillar for any type of team management, but while managing a remote team, it takes on a whole new level of importance. This means you need to be very clear in your handling of all the important discussions and decisions that take place online. Don’t assume that your team automatically understand where they need to focus their energy. It comes down to trust, communication and the company-wide support of shared goals.

The culture of work may be changing, but the value and effectiveness of clear communication are not.

What Resources Should You Provide For Your Remote Workers

Back in the day when more of us worked in a traditional office (and who can remember those untroubled times), it was a given that our tools of the trade would be provided. Today, those tools need to be mobile and reliable; equipment issues will be harder to resolve from home. By providing a laptop, smartphone, printer, Webcam, and WiFi, you can feel secure knowing your remote worker has everything they need in their home office to perform their duties successfully.

The best way to manage your remote employees is to trust them. Give them an assignment and hold them accountable at the end, by improving your remote work management in your response to their positive outcomes.

Managing Your Team Remotely With Bartercard’s Help

At the start of the lockdown, almost any process that could be rapidly digitised went virtual, including video conferencing, document signing and electronic trading, and many of us took to this like ducks to water.

For example, at Bartercard, we think of our mobile app as having a community at your fingertips, with everything in one place, making it possible for members to trade on the go.

Finally, Sir Richard Branson says, “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, so with this in mind, download your Bartercard Mobile App now and start trading today!


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