How to Be More Decisive as a Businessperson

As with any other skill, knowing how to be more decisive comes more naturally to some people than others. When it comes time to act, there are a few steps you can take to help you become more decisive in your day-to-day business dealings.

Knowing how to be decisive conveys confidence and charisma and is a trait of true leaders, and is a skill that can be built. It is also something you need to practice daily, so read on to find out how to be more decisive as a businessperson, which will help you strengthen relationships and increase sales.

Learn to Embrace Uncertainty

Most decisions will involve uncertainty—often abundantly so. That doesn’t mean that something is wrong! Next time you face a decision and find yourself second-guessing which direction to go, pause for a moment to remind yourself that uncertainty isn’t a bad thing, and neither is feeling a little anxious.

When you wholeheartedly embrace uncertainty, you are training your brain to see uncertainty as a challenge rather than a threat. This is exactly how confident people make decisions. Leaders are willing to make the choice, even if the decision they make turns out to be the wrong one. You can always learn from a wrong decision, as a poor decision leads to a better one down the road, whereas no decision at all leads to stagnation.

Acknowledge That Making No Decision is a Decision

Most leaders agree that the confidence to make and act on decisions is essential for success. In almost every case, acting on a choice is better than doing nothing at all, and taking action of any kind moves you forward in your business – even choosing not to act.

The American philosopher and psychologist William James said, “No decision is, in itself, a decision”, and few quotes bear greater meaning when it comes to decision-making. The break-neck pace of business today often pressures us to make decisions faster than we probably should. Take the time to make decisions when you’re clearer on what you are trying to achieve, why you’re trying to achieve it, and how you plan on achieving it.

Grow and Expand Your Business With Bartercard

True leadership comes from believing in yourself. If you want to lead at work, you must be ready to be decisive even when you are not completely sure that your decision is the right one.

Everyone knows that good leadership requires hard work and commitment, so you can start by evaluating, “What’s the worst that can happen”? and “What’s my ultimate desired outcome”? Ask yourself, “Can I live with either outcome”? and if the answer is yes, then strive for the confidence and determination to follow through with your decision.

A good leader can make or break a business, so be the leader you want to be and never be too proud to ask for advice or mentorship. Why not visit the Bartercard blog for more business news and insights and make Bartercard a part of expanding your business.


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