How to Improve Efficiency at Work

Every business should have goals aimed at increasing productivity in the workplace, so if you find yourself consistently struggling, now is the time to improve your efficiency practices.

Take control of your time at work. A great first step is organising a hierarchy for your to-do list, from high priority tasks down to the less urgent ones.

For example, if you need to increase sales revenue, the more productive your company is, the easier it is to boost profits and improve business relationships. Here we cover some of the most important strategies to make your business more productive.

1. Try 90-Minute Time Cycles

One of the most overlooked work productivity tips is working in 90-minute sprints, divided by regular breaks. During these 90 minutes, you should put as much effort as possible into achieving a task. Follow this with a break to recharge and then feel refreshed when you approach the work again. A series of 90-minute sessions, followed by short breaks, is enough time to establish a rhythm and complete tasks without the risk of burnout.

Employees don’t need to be busy every minute of the entire workday. In fact, keeping your staff too busy can create fatigue and cause burnout. Some companies have a breakout room to give employees space to rest and have fun at work.

2. Track Time With Automation Software

It is a good idea for business leaders to analyse whether their teams are using their time to their best advantage. Several metrics can be tracked with automation software, such as the time it takes to complete a task or how many tasks are completed per day. This data will reveal which employees are productive and which ones need more training or support.

Automating aspects of your business can save you time and money while freeing up valuable resources, which means your business can operate independently of you and continue trading long after you have left the premises. It used to be enough to have a website, email address, and phone number, but not anymore. Your business needs to be available online 24/7. Today’s customer is tech-savvy. To reach them and market to them, your business needs to be active in the digital sphere.

3. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Why not think about outsourcing and delegating your work? This can also work the other way as you can be open to people delegating and outsourcing tasks to you. We work well when we work cooperatively. Another way to increase productivity at work is to avoid scheduling staff meetings that may not accomplish much. Holding meetings about topics that can be communicated by email can reduce productivity.

Try to limit your time spent multitasking. Businesses are much more productive when you can remain focused on a concise list of tasks. Manual multitasking can stretch your team too thin, especially when someone is overworked.

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You can’t plan for everything, so it is important to leave a window in your diary for unplanned things. These could include answering emails, unexpected phone calls, and last-minute tasks. If you leave 10 minutes of every hour to these unexpected delays, you’ll be adequately prepped if anything comes up.

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