Expanding your business community through bRewards

Would you like to have more businesses in the Bartercard network to trade with? And what if you could reduce the fees you pay to Bartercard every month? The answer from most members when asked these two questions is a resounding “Yes please!”

The bRewards program is Bartercard’s referral and loyalty program that provides a way for you to do both – bring on new businesses you want to trade with and reduce (or even eliminate) the cash component of your fees! But there are even more benefits to be found in bRewards.

Specifically created by members for members, the program is designed to reward your business, your family and you.

How does it work?

Members can earn bPoints for growing the Bartercard community with businesses they deal with and other business owners they know that could benefit from Bartercard.

It’s a simple three step process.

Step 1. Provide Bartercard with an introduction to a business you would like to trade with. You can be involved as much or as little in the introduction process as you like. You can simply send Bartercard an email referring a business you believe would benefit from being in the network. You may prefer to be more hands on and attend a meeting with your referral and the Bartercard representative. The choice is yours.

Step 2. The business joins Bartercard and because you introduced them, you are rewarded with bPoints according to how little or how much you participated in the introduction. As well as receiving bPoints, you have the added benefit of now being able to use your trade dollars with the business you introduced. This saves you cash straight up, while also helping give the new Bartercard member a head-start into the network.

Step 3. Spend your bPoints and save your cash! You can now use these valuable points to offset your service fees, allowing you to keep more cash in your business. Your bPoints can also be spent on travel and lifestyle purchases such as a family holiday, a night out with your partner or gifts for that special occasion. These little extras may not usually be purchased through your business, but they still cost you cash. By using your bPoints, you can use that hard-earned money to invest in and grow your business.

Start earning today!

It makes sense to start earning bPoints today. New bRewards are continually added giving you many great ways to spend your points and save your cash. You’ll also find you can redeem some of your bPoints through non-Bartercard businesses with more major retailers coming onboard every day.

By helping to build the Bartercard community, you will have more businesses to trade with, more places to spend and save, and at the end of the day – more cash in your pocket!

Start growing your community today and benefiting from it

You can find out more about bRewards by getting in touch.


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