Unwind & Relax in South Australia

Bartercard Australia has released the latest accommodation offerings in beautiful South Australia. They have accommodation available in Blancetown, Gawler, Stirling, Stansbury, Mannum, Baudin Beach, Kingscote, Penzance and Adelaide.

Bartercard members can also take advantage of these beautiful spots for events and make use of their supportive network for transfers, venues, food and service hires. With hotels, resorts and guest houses across destinations including the Pacific Islands, Thailand, the UK, Europe, UAE, USA, New Zealand and more, Bartercard also offers packages in Australia.  This includes almost 400 options domestically which members can purchase with their trade dollars.

Bartercard has become a really effective way of selling facilities as it opens up a new market for hoteliers and helps them secure guests that are not in the cash market. It is another tool they use to ensure rooms are full and don’t sit empty. For businesses with excess stock or rooms sitting empty, Bartercard can enable the unutilised capital to be converted into increased profits. To attract new customers, businesses would typically hire additional salespeople, advertise, reduce prices or offer incentives.  By accepting an alternative method of payment i.e. Bartercard Trade Dollars, businesses open up to a whole new market of customers and in turn gain a competitive advantage.

The Bartercard Tourism website has been designed for Bartercard accommodation and tourism suppliers who wish to sell their accommodation and/or tours to other Bartercard members for trade dollars. For Bartercard members that want to book accommodation for business or leisure purposes, the website consolidates current trading Bartercard accommodation and tourism providers in a centralised online website.

The website’s core focus is on accommodation available for overnight stays or multiple-night stays on a Bartercard for payment basis, as well as tour options. The website features three main types of accommodation options – accommodation certificates, packages and direct contact listings.

To view the latest accommodation offerings in the beautiful South Australia and other regions, visit http://bartertourism.com.au/



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