Remunerating Your Employees with the Help of Bartercard

Bartercard’s cashless currency is becoming a popular choice for employers to incentivise their employees, rewarding additional bonuses and providing staff gifts. You might think Bartercard’s benefits can only be used to get more customers, but in fact they can also be used to incentivise performance within your talented team! Continue reading to learn why more and more New Zealand businesses are turning to Bartercard to supplement their workers’ compensation.

How Bartercard expands your remunerating potential

Trade dollars can be used to purchase gifts, allowing business owners to conserve that all-important cash. Employees are being gifted dinners out, accommodation, travel options, and Bartercard gift cards which can be used at thousands of merchants nationwide.

Trade dollars can also serve as an employee bonus for workers who truly deserve it. They can act as an incentive scheme for your employees and you can offer them as a gift card, amounting to T$100 or T$500. Businesses can also set up each employee with a staff card, and you could pay a certain percentage of their salary in trade dollars. This is a great way to motivate your workers to keep your business successful. They can use the trade dollars the same way as you would, to access other goods and services in accordance with their personal preferences. They’re free to choose where to personally spend their trade dollars without touching their cash.

Bartercard is more than B2B

Bartercard isn’t just a B2B benefit, it helps to improve people’s lifestyles with purchases they may not necessarily be able to afford themselves, or might not otherwise think about purchasing.

With Bartercard’s new loyalty rewards program, bRewards, there’s even more reason to join the network with exclusive offers that not only reward your business, they reward your family and you. With options in Building & Construction, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing & Production, as well as Retail & Professional Services, bRewards offers exciting opportunities to turn Trade Dollars into just what your employees have needed.

Take your remuneration to the next level

If you’re interested to find out how Bartercard can benefit your business by providing incentives to your employees, saving cash, and gaining rewards by introducing new members to the network, get in touch today!



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