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“Since joining Bartercard we’ve saved almost $1 million in expenses from furniture and equipment to advertising and travel. Bartercard helps us reach a new market of visitors and attract extra bookings. Approximately 10% of our visitors come from Bartercard which in
turn lets us source high quality items without the cash price that we couldn’t otherwise afford.”

Terri Gortan – Paradise Taveuni Fiji

Paradise Taveuni Resort in Fiji has used Bartercard to save almost $1 million in expenses from furniture and equipment to advertising and travel. They also used Bartercard to rebuild the resort without a cash outlay in the wake of Cyclone Winston. After the rebuild, the
property reached Trip Advisor’s #1 Resort on Taveuni Island.

Situated in a remote and secluded part of Fiji, Paradise Taveuni is a gorgeous 16 room property catering to divers, honeymooners, families, and adventurers looking to relax and explore the beautiful island.

It’s owners Terri Gortan and her husband Allan bought Paradise Taveuni as a rundown hostel in 2006 and transformed it into a popular destination. But in 2016 the resort was leveled from Tropical Cyclone Winston.

“Mark (Bartercard’s National Tourism and Travel Manager) and the Bartercard team went out of their way to help when the cyclone hit,” said Terri. “They were one of the first to contact us and see where they could assist.”

She said Bartercard made their contacts and suppliers available free of charge to them for three months while they rebuilt. “They also helped source supplies we couldn’t get locally and assisted in freight. Some Bartercard suppliers even sent donations for our staff and local communities. Their generosity and assistance won’t ever be forgotten.”

Today Paradise Taveuni is a beautiful dive and honeymoon resort close to waterfalls and the Yasawa Islands in the north.

Since 2012, Paradise Taveuni has used Bartercard to conserve cash on a range of expenses that added up to almost $1 million in cash savings. Terri and Allan did this by spending  Bartercard Trade Dollars instead of cash wherever they could. To earn Trade Dollars, they welcome guests on Bartercard to keep the resort full.

Terri said guests can purchase resort packages that include accommodation, meals and airport transfers through Bartercard’s Tourism site. They were one of the first resorts to join Bartercard in Fiji.

“Bartercard helps us reach a new market of customers and their dedicated Tourism Department takes care of everything,” said Terri. “Approximately 10% of our visitors come from Bartercard which in turn lets us source high-quality items without the cash price that we couldn’t otherwise afford.

A Wedding in Paradise can cost a fraction of the price when it’s partly paid for with Bartercard Trade Dollars.

“We offer a range of wedding packages and recently welcomed a wedding and 10-night stay for the bride and groom on Bartercard,” said Terri. Their guests paid for their stay in cash, so Bartercard effectively attracts new visitors. This was just 12 months after the cyclone and those extra cash bookings assisted us incredibly.”

Terri said Bartercard offers a great range of spending options to offset cash and its Tourism Department supports them in finding what they want.

“We’ve been with Bartercard for years and will keep welcoming Bartercard visitors for years to come. Bartercard’s customer service standards are impeccable and something you don’t encounter very often these days.”


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