5 things to automate every day

Automation is the topic of the day which is unsurprising in this digital age.  There’s plenty of ways to automate your business from marketing and sales to payroll and HR which you can read about here.  But what else can you automate every day to stop sweating the small stuff and free up time? 

Put your finances on autopilot by scheduling automatic payments through online banking which can save money too.  Simply set up the exact day you want to make a transfer or payment and the exact amount you want to pay – just ensure your balance doesn’t fall beneath a set amount or you risk running into overdraft.  In this digital age, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t have the option to autopay.  You won’t ever blank out on paying a bill or shuffle through paper when you automate payments.

Tip: To put you on the right track to finances, following this rough breakdown: allocate 10% of your income into investments, 5% into savings and 85% into fixed costs and guilt-free spending (businessinsider.com.au).

Subscription services
Too tired to make dinner at the end of the day?  Hate department store shopping on a Saturday or dropping into the bottle shop to pick out wine?  There’s a digital solution to fix that and it isn’t UberEats or online shopping.  Subscription-based services are jacking sales as customers choose convenience at their favourite retailers.  Since 2017, the number of monthly visitors to subscription sites has grown by a whopping 800% according to shopify.com.  Food and beauty products top the sellers, and brands like Magnum + Queen, a new wine subscription service on the block, has a trio of monthly packs to choose from.  Clothing subscription service Bombfell is based on AI and includes a $20 styling fee plus the cost of clothes in your desired budget and lets you return the items you don’t want.

On the spot payments
You can finally see the back of painful payment delays and send each other money in ‘real time’ without a BSB or account number with instant bank transfers.  The launch of PayID, or instant bank transfers, lets you send or receive transferred funds within seconds, 365 days a year.  You can create your PayID using your mobile banking app or internet banking.  The next time someone wants to transfer money to you, ask them to use your PayID.  Most banks allow you to use this service through their mobile banking app, online banking or they will get you to set up the payment using Osoko by BPay.  On the spot payments can be sent to a nominated email address or mobile number – easy.

Traveling for business or pleasure? 
Automated lighting schedules give the appearance that someone’s home through a lived-in look to deter any intruder.

Morning rituals
Mornings are always a rush and there’s no worse feeling than arriving at work and wondering whether you turned off a kitchen appliance.  Enter smart devices and smart plugs, which automate and schedule when appliances turn on and off.  It will let you breathe easier all day.


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