15 tips to search like a superstar!

search is like Google Maps for Bartercard. We’ve launched this brand new tool to find Bartercard members quickly and conveniently on any device.

15 quick search tips

Getting started:

1. Firstly, search is accessible on any device – just visit search.au.bartercard.com and enter your MYBC login details. If you aren’t registered for MYBC, visit mybc.bartercard.com and take a few minutes to register.

2. You can save your username and password by clicking ‘Remember Me’, then every time you want to login just enter the first letter of your username to autofill your details.

3. Pin the search icon to your smartphone home screen: For easy access to search, you can pin a shortcut next to your other apps – just bring up the search homepage then follow these simple steps: Apple: Press the box and arrow icon at the bottom of your screen then press ‘Add to Home Screen.’ Android: Select More from the top right of your screen then from the options press ‘Add shortcut to home screen’ Now you’re ready to start searching!

4. Basic search: search works just like any search engine. You can search by keyword or location and search will automatically suggest options in a dropdown list – you can press or click any option to see the full listing.

5. When you hover over the markers in the map on the right, it will automatically highlight the corresponding marker listing on the left and vice versa.

6. Click the listing or the marker to see the full listing.

7. To go back to the search results when you are in a listing, click ‘BACK TO REULTS’ at the top of the screen.

8. When there are a number of members clustered in a particular area on the map, it can be hard to differentiate the markers. So when you click on a marker or listing, it will automatically zoom in. You can then zoom back out or move around the map by holding down your mouse or finger and moving it around.

9. Favourites: Love a business? Add it to your Favourites list. Just click on the star on the right hand side of a listing. To pull up your Favourites, click on the clipboard icon on the top left of the screen then click Favourites.

10. When you are in Favourites, it will preclude you from searching anything new. To exit favourites, click on the cross in the search bar.

11. Creating a shortlist: You can also create a shortlist of members, and create as many shortlists as you like. When you search a keyword or location, click the pin to the right of the listing/s you want to add to a shortlist. A new bar will appear at the top of the results list – enter a shortlist name and click the disk icon to the left to save it. To access a shortlist, click the clipboard icon on the top left of the screen then click on the shortlist you want. To add a member to an existing shortlist, select the shortlist then run a search to select the member/s you wish to add by pinning them to the shortlist.

12. Send shortlists: You can send shortlists to other members by clicking the icon next to the shortlist name which will then insert the shortlist as a link in an email. They can access the report by selecting the link in the email.

13. Deleting shortlists: You can delete a short list by clicking on the trash can icon next to the shortlist name.

14. Travelling? Click the Tourist button at the bottom of the map then search a region. The results will show all the places you can visit and stay at on Bartercard when you are travelling.

15. Rate members: Highlight how great a product or service is – just search the member and click on the stars in the listing. This will pull up a box which lets you click 1-5 stars to reflect the service level.

If you click 1 or 2 stars you will also be asked to type in feedback. If you have further questions about search, contact your Trade Co-ordinator.

Happy searching!

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